Hunting Preparation

IMG_1303While we provide hunting just steps outside our comfortable lodge, and will use of 4×4 vehicles, it is very important for hunters to come in the best shape possible. While antelope hunting is not often strenuous, it will be to your advantage to arrive in good shape, giving you more opportunities and will make the hunt more enjoyable. Elk hunting will require more physical ability and although we won’t be spending all day hiking hunters should be prepared for climbing up and down hills at high altitude. Being in the best shape you can will highly increase your chances of getting your elk.
This is a family owned and operated outfitting business, and we have hunted all our lives and will give you the best chance at a trophy as weather and animal behavior allows. Although we expect high success rates, we cannot account for weather conditions, hunter competence with gear and weapon, and their own physical abilities. It is important that hunter is comfortable with their weapon, whether gun or bow. Being able to make an ethical shot is very important, and much time should be taken in advance practicing at the range for shots at all distances up to 300 yards with a rifle and 40 yards with your bow. Be familiar with your gun and ammunition ballistics. Have your gun sighted in before arrival, and we will have each hunter shoot his gun before leaving town for the lodge to ensure travel and altitude have not affected weapon. It is also important to be comfortable with gear, and keep it well maintained. Footwear is critical, and should be in good shape, and it is never a good idea to show up with brand new boots, take the time to break them in before arrival. Having said all that we are very excited to give you a Wyoming hunting experience you will never forget, with great hospitality, friendly people and beautiful scenery!

Gear Check List:

Licenses and conservation stamp

Hunter Safety Card if born after Jan 1 1966

Rifle and ammunition

Bow and arrows

Warm coat


Fluorescent orange clothing (vest, hat etc.)

Warm Hat

Warm socks

Hiking boots

Long Underwear

Warm gloves


Hunting Knife

Camera and batteries

Light Day Pack

All required medications

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Cooler for meat transportation home


*Wyoming weather in October can range in temperature from the 60’s to well below freezing so you should come prepared for warm and cold weather.